Hi (again)! I’m an indie game developer at DANG! I do freelance work as my “day job” to fund my other work, which right now is our IGF-nominated corporate espionage hacking game IO Interloper, which was invited to E3 this year. I helped make Slap Friends, an IndieCade finalist and Alt.Ctrl GDC contender. I’ve been working in Unity for about five years across a dozen games, making mistakes and learning new skills with each one — by now, I’ve gotten pretty dang good at it.

I do gameplay programming, tools programming, UI programming, shader programming, technical art, and more. My expertise is in Unity, but I’m also proficient in Adobe Flash and Photoshop.

I know C#, C, C++, Python, ActionScript, JavaScript, and CG.
I’ve worked on games for PC, web, mobile, VR, and plush puppet hats.

I make cool stuff. If you want me to make cool stuff for you, get in touch!