Hi (again)! I’m a student game developer at RPI, where I’m pursuing a dual major in Computer Science and Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences. Welcome to my portfolio! This is a showcase of projects I’ve worked on – both on my own, and in larger teams. As a Computer Science student, I’m primarily a programmer, but I also love design and visual art. I did all of the programming work on the projects presented here, and in most cases the majority of the artistic direction.

I’m proficient in Unity3D (all but one of these projects was built with Unity), Adobe Flash (yep, that’s what I used for the other one) and Photoshop. I know C, C#, C++, Python, ActionScript, JavaScript, and I’ve been learning how to write CG shaders for Unity.

For several years, I interned summers at web game portal and publisher Kongregate, which was a lot of fun (seriously, everyone who works there is wonderful), but also a really fascinating look into the game publishing world. My time there was split between community management and internal game development (Chainsoar was developed while I was working in their San Francisco office).

Want to get in touch with me? Contact info is over here.