Your New Face is a surrealist story-focused game set in a future where getting cosmetic facial surgery is as cheap and easy as getting a haircut. Mold customer’s faces to help them solve their perceived problems, or just conform to fashion trends. Over time, you’ll learn about the lives of the people you’re sculpting and the world you inhabit.


Fuller Taylor and I were the programmers on this project. Perrin Mercer was our writer. Ben Caulkins did all of the music and sound design, and some 3D art and animation alongside Anthony Licata, Janice Ho, and Diana Nguyen.



This was an attempt to extrapolate an entire game from a character creator — an interface that usually has no hard mechanical effects on any core systems. We came up with something all about identity, conformity, and balls-to-the-wall goofy nonsense. Right now we have a prototype of that game, and hopefully one day we’ll get the opportunity to create the real thing.


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