IO Interloper is a desktop-based corporate espionage hacking game. Your goal is to infiltrate an office building and steal valuable company secrets — all from behind a computer terminal thousands of miles away. Fly drones, peer through security cameras, invade secure databases, and log out without a trace. IO was a finalist in the Best Student Game category at the 2018 IGF and in the E3 2018 Student Competition, and it won first place at GameFest 2018, which is a games festival hosted by RPI and attended by colleges from all across the northeast.

drone throne

The first version of the game was made in two weeks in September 2017 for our Experimental Game Design class. I did all of the programming and 2D art, and Ben Caulkins did all of the modeling, animation, and music. We’ve since been hard at work — if you’d like to try it out, please get in touch!

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