What is there to say about TBSMG that hasn’t already been said? Everyone knows the classic story: a giant bird has snatched your treasured handheld gaming console right out of your hands, and now you and your friend have to knock that squawking creep to the ground to retrieve it.

That Bird Stole My Gameboy is a two-player cooperative virtual reality simulasperience™ for the HTC Vive. One player drives a cool truck while swerving around giant robots and bazooka-toting Vespa drivers, and the other flies a kite out of the back, popping balloons and distractedly giving the driver hurried directions, hoping to get close enough to hit the bird out of the air.

that bird stole my gameboy poster (1)

TBSMG was made in about two months by myself (general code and art direction), Ben Caulkins (sound design, music, 3D modeling), and Fuller Taylor (AI and procedural generation). We created the game for GameFest 2016, an annual showcase of local and student games hosted here at RPI. I’m extremely proud of what we managed to get done in such a short amount of time.

Here’s a trailer for an early prototype version:


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