CHAINSOAR is pretty much exactly what it looks like from these gifs: a cartoonishly explosive game about swinging a rocket-propelled grappling-hook-laden chainsaw through a bunch of robots and gold. I made this game in Flash in a month during my internship at the Kongregate offices in 2014. I did all of the art and code – every level is unique and hand/computer-drawn! The game features a great soundtrack by the wonderful Zack Parrish (which you can listen to at the bottom of the page). It also features a lot of lasers. This was the first game I ever published publicly.

You can play it online here (fair warning – it’s really very hard). There are some… er, let’s say “inexperienced” design decisions in there that I would change given a second chance. Oh well! Live and learn. Also, modern browsers tend not to support Flash, so you might have some trouble getting it to run — so goes the march of progress, I suppose.



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